Friday, March 30, 2007

Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave in Japan)

Here is another anime I recommend. The plot is basically another good guys v.s. bad guys to save the world kind of thing. What I really like about this anime is the character designs, its practically random with every episode. You have talking globs, some weird insect/dog/fish kind of animal with a unicorn horn nose, talking penguins that saypoyo, demons, trolls, and much more. Of course the storyline is interesting as well, Haru Glory with his friends Elie, Musica, Plue, Griff, and more as the story goes on, goes out into the world to save it from Demon Card. Demon Card is a organization bent on taking on taking over the world with incredible weapons called dark brings (db for short) that allow anything that wields it the power to do something they could not normally do like making your body out of steel, make bombs out of nowhere, bring down gravity on someone or more. But Haru is able to counteract Demon Cards db with his own weapon, the decaforce sword, a sword that can change into 10 different forms that allow it to do incredible things like create an explosion on impact, make you as light as air to increase your speed over 10X, and more. You could even combine the explosions and speed to make a blitzkrieg bombardment. I really like the anime, but I like the manga more.

You want to know something interesting? The manga and anime artist, Hiro Mashima, has the same birthday as me, May 3rd. It is so awesome. The story is interesting as there are many parts you would not deem part of the story but more along sub-stories, but are equally as interesting as the main story. Plue is so ummm..interesting lol...he is one of my favorite characters in Rave master. I would recommend this anime and manga for people to get an interest in as it is a crazy adventure to keep you wanting the next one.

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