Friday, March 30, 2007

Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave in Japan)

Here is another anime I recommend. The plot is basically another good guys v.s. bad guys to save the world kind of thing. What I really like about this anime is the character designs, its practically random with every episode. You have talking globs, some weird insect/dog/fish kind of animal with a unicorn horn nose, talking penguins that saypoyo, demons, trolls, and much more. Of course the storyline is interesting as well, Haru Glory with his friends Elie, Musica, Plue, Griff, and more as the story goes on, goes out into the world to save it from Demon Card. Demon Card is a organization bent on taking on taking over the world with incredible weapons called dark brings (db for short) that allow anything that wields it the power to do something they could not normally do like making your body out of steel, make bombs out of nowhere, bring down gravity on someone or more. But Haru is able to counteract Demon Cards db with his own weapon, the decaforce sword, a sword that can change into 10 different forms that allow it to do incredible things like create an explosion on impact, make you as light as air to increase your speed over 10X, and more. You could even combine the explosions and speed to make a blitzkrieg bombardment. I really like the anime, but I like the manga more.

You want to know something interesting? The manga and anime artist, Hiro Mashima, has the same birthday as me, May 3rd. It is so awesome. The story is interesting as there are many parts you would not deem part of the story but more along sub-stories, but are equally as interesting as the main story. Plue is so ummm..interesting lol...he is one of my favorite characters in Rave master. I would recommend this anime and manga for people to get an interest in as it is a crazy adventure to keep you wanting the next one.

Urban Ninja

I know many of you out there are Naruto fans, especially with the release of Naruto in America. But are there really such a thing as ninjas out there in the real world? There is and I will show you some clips of them in action. These guys are crazy, especially the first vid which is one of my all time favorite vids. I could never imagine someone doing this in real life. Want to know something? They don't even live in Japan, its all in the U.S. Unfortunately their site seems to be gone now, it was pretty cool as they would post clips and pics of their gravity defying moves all over the city. Enjoy

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sync(?) Haruhi Dancing

Wow this was interesting, apparently there are big enough Suzumiya Haruhi fans around and they decided to dance the dance seen in the anime. Besides a couple flaws like the fall at the end, this vid was actually pretty well done.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A look at an Otaku's Room

Sorry for the late post, internet problems again. But your wait was well worth it because of this post. Well many of you probably think that I have a room full of otaku related items, you are half right, my room has otaku related items but its not full of it. Many otaku items, especially figures that I collect come in the range of $60-$120, so I try to limit myself if I can and my room is completely barren compared to others I've seen. I have a few posters, gundam models, figures, etc. My manga collection is the only thing in excess as I am starting to run out of room to place them. Now be ready to oooh, ahhh, fear, or laugh at my otaku room.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cowboy Bebop

Hey all you anime fans out there, if you haven't seen Cowboy Bebop then you haven't seen anime. Cowboy Bebop is basically about bounty hunters in space on the constant lookout for some quick cash that leads them to trouble, intrigue, and a whole lot of comedy. But there is a number of seriousness in the anime, especially towards the end of the series, 26 episodes total. You have Spike Spiegel, named possibly due to his hair or his attitude that goes up and down like spikes in my opinion, who has died but has since been revived, weird huh. He's a cool guy and he's quick with the pistol and his mouth. Then you got Jet Black, no not the American actor, who has a mechanical that he can use to crush heads under his armpit which adds to his deadliness. Cool and quick thinking, he tries to get a profit as long as it doesn't result in it going negative. Faye Valentine next, a sly hotty in the anime that seems to get anything she wants to pay off her gigantic debt. Radical Edward next, who is actually a girl, that has given herself the name Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, even though she is the first and probably the only one with that name. Ed is a genius who can hack into any computer and get what she wants and loves to have fun over anything else. Then comes Ein, probably the most underrated character of all, probably because he's a dog, a Pembroke welsh corgi to be specific. But he's no ordinary dog, he has an Einstein equivalent mind (hence the name Ein, short for Einstein, who has gotten the crew out of some predicaments.

A must watch anime, good replay value for some of the episodes, great art, great music (especially the opening theme song as shown above), great characters that people can relate to, and something every anime fan should know about.

Spike, check out the hair

Friday, March 23, 2007

I would like a peporoni pizza, small salad, diet coke, and a nerdy boyfriend

OK before you all go like, "woah so this blogger is like a girl or he's gay," I am a guy who is straight. The title of the article is based on another article I read on Riuva that might interest you. It's about why nerd boyfriends (I am one of them) are the best. I was going through this article and thought, "Wow this is so true its amazing one of us(nerds) are able to find this out(not surprising, according to this article nerds have either graduated from college or currently attending college, I am currently attending college so this must be true). Well anyways, this article analyzes different aspects of a nerd which I must say is quite accurate as many of the points made in the article match me, especially the part about the no fashion sense. So when you read this article you might see your own traits and think, "Wow I have a chance, I should print this article on my 5620 laser printer with high quality color after editing it with photoshop to make it fancier and show it to girls so they will go out with me." Do not do that, while interesting, it will probably cause girls to either run away from you, spray you with mace, or kick you in your balls and take your lunch money while you're in the fetal position. But if you are a nerd and currently have or will have a girlfriend, maybe you could show her the article and say, "Yes its all true, now you know why you love me. Now get off my computer, my DnD match starts in a few minutes." Something like that anyways. Here's the direct link from

Which Otaku Are You?

It was hilarious when I read this article from, basically the article is about the different "sub-species" of otaku to get more into detail of which one you are. This includes moeotaku, the guys who collect anything with usually their favorite anime girl on it like posters, busts, pillows, the list goes on; but the funny thing I read about them was that they stay away from men who "smash their balls" I was laughing so hard when I read that. Another interesting one was the "Narutard," no offense to those who like Naruto as I am a fan myself and plan to cosplay as one maybe in the future. But currently I'm going to go as a bleachbi%(& ( I prefer not to swear on this site). You should really check this "report" out. I am currently the closet nerd/moeotaku/troll. Which one are you?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Nananananana Octman

The title is if from the theme music for the old live action batman. That is related to this post due to this vid I was watching. Watch as the octopus drops its "cape," like batman, from its body and flies around (actually swim around) in the ocean water as batman "flies" around Gotham city. This was a very interesting vid, apparently the octopus drops this umm..."cape" when its threatened by a predator. The "cape" is sticky and will stick to the predator to distract it long enough for the octopus to escape. Isn't nature amazing?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tissue anyone?

A current advertisement technique used by Japan's company's, banks, etc. is giving out tissues with their name on the package. So when you whip out a tissue to blow your boogers out of your nose, you will be reminded of them and think of them every time you see your snot. Nice isn't it? People are hired to pass these tissues out, but not anymore with these robots that can do that job, with a cute look on their face at the same time. Isn't technology great?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

XP Tan

In slight reference to my previous post, Mac got nothing over PC if PC had this setup. Basically in the first vid she says something like "Wow, you started up fast, now we can spend more time together." The second one is stating that XP has a lot of memory through the girls MB (mega breast*).(Don't ask if I have it for I don't, I also do not know where you can get it, I would so love to have it though)

*I made the MB definition up, kind of a geek thing, MB actually means Megabytes

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cellphones for your working Shinigami (Death God)

This was something interesting I picked up while looking through Bleach on youtube. I was like wow, cellphones in Seretei, I always thought the butterfly thing they use was more interesting though. The ideas for the new cellphone styles were interesting, especially Nemu's and Soi Fong's. Honestly I would go for something like Soi Fong's but with something manlier lol, although Yachiru's idea wasn't half bad neither, it caught Rukia's attention.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Ah kissy fish (quote Simpons episode: One fish, two fish, blow fish, bluefish)

Mmm ya..who hasn't seen the episode where Homer eats the puffer fish? Well I have and I bet many of you have as well. Well to sum it up, Homer eats an ill prepared puffer fish sushi which led him to his run around on life due to his belief of having only 24 hours to live after eating the poisonous fish. Puffer fish, known as fugu in Japna, is a nice skinny fish suddenly becoming fat, every persons worst nightmare. The fish is poisonous to eat unless prepared properly. Watch the vid and see the wonders of the deadly fish that everyone in Japan loves to eat. I have not personally tried the fish, but I will risk my life to try it in the future.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Wow, another thing thats soooo cool about Japan. Apparently the Japanese post office is selling, get this, Evangelion postage stamps. Woah like crazy. Well anyways, can't buy that in the U.S. which really sucks. But that would be cool to get it from a letter, of course who sends letters anymore besides company's that want your money through something called "bills." I would love to get my hands on a set though, most likely keep it in a picture frame instead of actually using it for the original purpose as a postage stamp. I got this from Check it out, its a neat site with the blogger being a dude from Singapore who sells not only the stamp set but other things as well.