Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cowboy Bebop

Hey all you anime fans out there, if you haven't seen Cowboy Bebop then you haven't seen anime. Cowboy Bebop is basically about bounty hunters in space on the constant lookout for some quick cash that leads them to trouble, intrigue, and a whole lot of comedy. But there is a number of seriousness in the anime, especially towards the end of the series, 26 episodes total. You have Spike Spiegel, named possibly due to his hair or his attitude that goes up and down like spikes in my opinion, who has died but has since been revived, weird huh. He's a cool guy and he's quick with the pistol and his mouth. Then you got Jet Black, no not the American actor, who has a mechanical that he can use to crush heads under his armpit which adds to his deadliness. Cool and quick thinking, he tries to get a profit as long as it doesn't result in it going negative. Faye Valentine next, a sly hotty in the anime that seems to get anything she wants to pay off her gigantic debt. Radical Edward next, who is actually a girl, that has given herself the name Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, even though she is the first and probably the only one with that name. Ed is a genius who can hack into any computer and get what she wants and loves to have fun over anything else. Then comes Ein, probably the most underrated character of all, probably because he's a dog, a Pembroke welsh corgi to be specific. But he's no ordinary dog, he has an Einstein equivalent mind (hence the name Ein, short for Einstein, who has gotten the crew out of some predicaments.

A must watch anime, good replay value for some of the episodes, great art, great music (especially the opening theme song as shown above), great characters that people can relate to, and something every anime fan should know about.

Spike, check out the hair

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