Monday, February 26, 2007

Life so far......

Well I am currently in college and have recently taken a huge turn in life. I don't want to be a dentist anymore. I mean I had the will to take the job on and everything but I got kind of bored when I started working at a dental practice. I mean it would have been a great job, helping people, perhaps getting my own practice and doing things at my own time, no on call kind of thing, repetitive work, and of course the pay would have been good. But that also meant at least 6-8 years of additional schooling after high school, 8-10 years if I specialized, and thats only if I got into dental school. Well I have dropped some of the classes I didn't need and am now trying to find some direction in life. I'm currently looking at business which requires much less schooling and results in less pay unless I become a genius at it or end up being an office drone stuck in the cubicle (no offense to those in those positions). But I am also looking at spending a couple years in Japan teaching English which has even less pay than being in business but I get to live where I always wanted to go. I have been looking around at some websites for info on it and it looks doable. Basic requirements includes knowing English, graduating with a Bachelors in college, and a short essay on why I want to teach English in Japan. But thats in a few years so I don't have to worry much about it yet. Well class starts soon so I got to finish this. Laters.

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