Friday, March 23, 2007

Which Otaku Are You?

It was hilarious when I read this article from, basically the article is about the different "sub-species" of otaku to get more into detail of which one you are. This includes moeotaku, the guys who collect anything with usually their favorite anime girl on it like posters, busts, pillows, the list goes on; but the funny thing I read about them was that they stay away from men who "smash their balls" I was laughing so hard when I read that. Another interesting one was the "Narutard," no offense to those who like Naruto as I am a fan myself and plan to cosplay as one maybe in the future. But currently I'm going to go as a bleachbi%(& ( I prefer not to swear on this site). You should really check this "report" out. I am currently the closet nerd/moeotaku/troll. Which one are you?

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