Friday, March 23, 2007

I would like a peporoni pizza, small salad, diet coke, and a nerdy boyfriend

OK before you all go like, "woah so this blogger is like a girl or he's gay," I am a guy who is straight. The title of the article is based on another article I read on Riuva that might interest you. It's about why nerd boyfriends (I am one of them) are the best. I was going through this article and thought, "Wow this is so true its amazing one of us(nerds) are able to find this out(not surprising, according to this article nerds have either graduated from college or currently attending college, I am currently attending college so this must be true). Well anyways, this article analyzes different aspects of a nerd which I must say is quite accurate as many of the points made in the article match me, especially the part about the no fashion sense. So when you read this article you might see your own traits and think, "Wow I have a chance, I should print this article on my 5620 laser printer with high quality color after editing it with photoshop to make it fancier and show it to girls so they will go out with me." Do not do that, while interesting, it will probably cause girls to either run away from you, spray you with mace, or kick you in your balls and take your lunch money while you're in the fetal position. But if you are a nerd and currently have or will have a girlfriend, maybe you could show her the article and say, "Yes its all true, now you know why you love me. Now get off my computer, my DnD match starts in a few minutes." Something like that anyways. Here's the direct link from

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